A rare/unique item, found in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games and Jagged Alliance 2.

Deadly GamesEdit

The tape serves as a mission objective item, containing critical info on the DFK's activities.  In missions outside the main campaign, the tape serves as a nonspecific retrieval objective.

Jagged Alliance 2Edit

"This VHS tape entitled, 'Pant Suit Loretta 6: The Men Are Away,' is an adult XXX film. Parental and viewer discretion is advised."

In Jagged Alliance 2, the tape contains lesbian pornography. Brenda Drake to get her out ofHans XXX shop.


  • San Mona - found in the northeastern-most house of the same sector in a chest, or in the Shady Lady Brothel on a side table in the reception room


  • No other uses.

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