An A.I.M. mercenary in the Jagged Alliance series.

Official descriptionEdit

"Victoria Waters is without a doubt A.I.M.’s finest female mercenary. Possessing deadly aim, determination and an experience class any mercenary would be proud of, Victoria works best with her hands and is currently restoring her dad’s '’64 Chevy." - Jagged Alliance

"Whether it's repairing a handgun or firing off automatic weapon bursts, the ambidextrous Victoria Waters works best with her hands. Aside from working for A.I.M., Vicki spends her spare time managing Vicki's Vintage Automobiles, her own restoration and antique car dealership. Despite constant teasing, Vicki insists on using the stairs no matter how tall the building." - Jagged Alliance 2

Additional info Edit

  • Jamaican accent.
  • Very methodical and determined. No-nonsense.
  • The easy-going accent, contrasts her forceful dialogue. It also contrasts her mechanical abilities by giving her a sense of sophistication.




  • "Ya man!"
  • "Sorry,man,I can't in good conscience be signin' with ya. Gasket is such a racist. I can't lay down my life for someone who'd just as soon like to kill me himself." - refuses to renew his contract,Jagged Alliance 2
  • "Oh,man... Something so fine should come with a card." - found a better weapon
  • "Im not gettin' older,I'm gettin' better!" - stats improved
  • "I be movin' up in the ranks,man. And my price be movin' with me." - level up pay raise
  • "No thanks,man. Around here,they call you the Merc Motel... 'cuz Mercs check in,but they don't 'check out!" - refuse to join
  • "No thanks,man. If I be takin' a job with the likes of you, I'll never respect myself again !" - refuse to join



Liked byEdit


Disliked byEdit


  • Ambidextrous
  • Pretty good at fixing items.
  • In Jagged Alliance 2, former A.I.M. member Glen "Boss" Hatchet is a mechanic in her car repair shop.

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