I have played the new game and every second of it i was left the impression i'm playing a cheap clone like "Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" or "7.62mm".

I was braced for disappointment since i read about the Plan & Go idea replacing the TBS element, although i could have ignore that element if the gameplay was solid. The mercenary pictures are a joke, they all look like clones, drawn by a 10yo, the voice acting is terrible and the mercs seem to have no personality.

BiA is just an attempt to make money by using the name Jagged Alliance. I was expecting more from BitComposer, but then again it's hard remaking a game which you did not originally create. For example a new Carmageddon is in the making, a remake, but it's developed by it's original team, so im expecting it to be at least decent.

Though i was the only person who found the remake not stepping up to its original and i was wrong, most reviews are not in BiA's favor. Time to reinstall JA2...

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