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  • Viper666

    I have played the new game and every second of it i was left the impression i'm playing a cheap clone like "Brigade E5: New Jagged Union" or "7.62mm".

    I was braced for disappointment since i read about the Plan & Go idea replacing the TBS element, although i could have ignore that element if the gameplay was solid. The mercenary pictures are a joke, they all look like clones, drawn by a 10yo, the voice acting is terrible and the mercs seem to have no personality.

    BiA is just an attempt to make money by using the name Jagged Alliance. I was expecting more from BitComposer, but then again it's hard remaking a game which you did not originally create. For example a new Carmageddon is in the making, a remake, but it's developed by it's original …

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  • Viper666

    Eschborn, December 8, 2011: Grab your combat boots and prepare to go “Back in Action” with today’s new trailer for “Jagged Alliance: Back in Action”, the upcoming tactical turn-based strategy game coming from bitComposer Games and Kalypso Media. The new trailer showcases some of the story and gameplay from the upcoming title, which challenges players to recruit, manage and command squads of mercenaries as they fight to free the island of Arulco from an evil dictator. For more information about Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, which will be released worldwide in February 2012 on Windows PC.

    View trailer here:

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