A mercenary available from M.E.R.C., Bubba is the first "new" mercenary that Speck brings on to bolster the roster. He appears after Tim "Gumpy" Hillman, and before Larry Roachburn.

Official descriptionEdit

"Aside from his sheer size, Thorton is notable for being the first prison guard to ever be dimissed from the Alabama State Correctional Department for brutality towards inmates. The precise details of this chain-gang boss' infractions are unclear as we weren't about to ask." - M.E.R.C. dossier




  • "F...filthy kids! I don't know why I waste so much time with s...stupid kids!"
  • "Bubba did his Bubba has to go. Alright, then."



Liked byEdit

  • None


  • None

Disliked byEdit


  • Bubba, while very (very) stupid and hated by some, is cheap and a decent shot. His low Agility makes it hard for him to keep up with other mercs but as long as you give him time its not a huge problem. He is also a tolerable mechanic and even has some skill with explosives. Despite having a poor dex, he has the Hand-to-Hand skill, and he can be a great choice for the EFC in San Mona as his great health, massive strengh and modicum of skill make him a killer in melee.
  • Speaks with an incredibly heavy stutter, and seems to have a lot of issues in general.
  • Aggressive
  • African Mercenaries will not like him around due to a mix of being criminals and resembling a violent white prison guard.
  • Best used as a close-quarters tank, due to his ability to sustain a lot of punishment.
  • Gives the impression of having been both the bully and the lonely outsider throughout most of his childhood.

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