For the A.I.M. member, see Maj. Spike Scallion

"Name's Spike. I'm in charge of customer service." — Spike introducing himself
Spike is a bouncer and a member of Kingpin's mafia in sector D5: San Mona, Arulco. He guards the entrance to the Boxing Club. Employed directly by Darren van Haussen.

Interaction Edit

He will not allow entry to the club if a merc has too low leadership skill. Does not take threatening lightly and will attack the player if it is done too many times.

Inventory Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Name's Spike. I'm in charge of customer service."
  • "Guess you want to go in, huh? Well, I guess you look okay."
  • "Ya want to know something, ya ask Mr. Van Haussen."
  • "Take a hike."
  • "Yer goose is cooked!"

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