Shaped Charge
Shaped Charge
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An explosive item in Jagged Alliance 2.

Shaped charges are used to weaken or destroy the locks on doors, crates and containers. A door or container will still need to be opened manually after the lock is damaged or destroyed.


"Place this small tungsten-backed plastique explosive against any door to blow the lock right off."


  • Bobby Ray's
  • Sector C5, San Mona, in a small locked warehouse on the west end
  • Sector H8, Cambria Mine. In the small shed south of land.


  • Shaped Charges often destroy the entire lock and handle assembly on doors, and a door with a destroyed lock will need to be forced open with a Crowbar or a good strong kick, though doing so will be far easier than before.
  • A merc with a high explosives rating is recommended when using shaped charges, as charges they place will deal more damage to the lock.

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