Jack : "The natives have dead to bury, and are becoming extremely anxious about not having access to their sacred burial ground in Sector 6. They've been very good to us over the years, and securing that sector would go a long way in winning their favor."

With casualties mounting, the natives of Metavira are looking to bury their dead at their sacred burial site. Jack informs you that this site is in Sector 6.

Conquering Sector 6Edit

There aren't a lot of places to hide in Sector 6. The obstacles that provides you cover (tree's, bushes, etc) are a little more scarce than the other sectors in the area.

Some of the enemies are carrying two handed, long range weapons (.12 Rifles and M-14s). Mercs might have a hard time conquering this sector if they are packing weak pistols, and due to the scarcity of cover, they might get ambushed by enemy snipers in the sector.


Jack: "The natives are grateful. They can now bury their dead knowing that their sacred piece of land is in safe hands."

Conquering this sector will increase the pool of guards or tappers that you can assign in the map.

The next day though, Jack will inform you that the headstone of Senor Los Makiwahan is missing and requests that you find it or else the natives of Metavira will start quitting, fearing that the grave site will be cursed without the sacred headstone.

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