An item trader and proprietor of a hardware store in Balime, he can be found in Sector L12: Balime East.

His is one of the few stores where a Video Camera can be found.

Also a reliable place to get fresh Tool Kits, Break Lights, and other utility items


  • "Hey how ya doin. Name's Sam. Feel free to have a look around."
  • "Been waitin' for a shipment of power screwdrivers with a thousand different attachments.  You can do anything with the damn things!"
  • "You ever get the feeling you could just spend all day in a hardware store? You just go right ahead there, pal."
  • "Hardware, tools. Really the soul of man, enh?"
  • "Well if there's anything else, just give a holler."
  • "I come from the Bronx.  The South Bronx.  You got more luck hollerin' at your grandmother."

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