Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"From igniting fireworks at theme parks in Orlando to detonating dynamite in Southeast Asia, Russell Hunter has explored the world of explosives. As one of our more stable explosives experts, he is very much in demand, and in turn, very much demanding." - Jagged Alliance

"Known for years as one of A.I.M.'s top explosive experts, Rusty acquired a stellar reputation for his range of knowledge and well... being the sanest of the lot. Russell Hunter recently took an extended leave of absence to work as a special effects consultant for a major motion picture studio. Fortunately for A.I.M., the past year has seen a wealth of new talent emerge in the explosives field." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni Gallery



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Is Liked byEdit

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Additional information Edit

  • The lone sane man amongst AIM's menagerie of explosives experts.
  • Nicknamed "Rusty".


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