Official descriptionEdit

"This former GSG 9 man has only one weakness. Dr. Laura Colin, who he met during a special training in Lübeck. He is an absolute Pro, Night operations are his strength. He can also shoot the nuts out of a squirrel's paws from 3 km. Has the talent to become a trainer."

Additional info

His mode of expression leaves a lot to be desired.





  • "Thank fuck the dead don't care how they look." seeing head pop/rotted corpse
  • "You're asking me to join you?  And you've already hired that fuckhead Gasket? mother always told me that pros and fuckheads don't work together.  Lecken."
  • "She was a dumb bitch anyway..." when killing Doreen Harrows
  • "These fuckers are here - I can feel them." when spotting enemies
  • "Laura does everything right...What a girl!" praising Dr.Laura
  • "Something here?" when spotting item



Liked byEdit


Disliked byEdit

  • None


  • Works well with Henning von Branitz as both share a strong sense of military professionalism, but Gasket and Bull are proverbial red cloths in the bullring, due to their disregard for authority.

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