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Ron "Raider" Higgens is an A.I.M. Mercenary, avaiable since Jagged Alliance 2.

Official descriptionEdit

"Lt. Ron Higgens is a former commander of the Los Angeles SWAT team. When he fell in love with his ace sniper, Sgt. Charlene Higgens, they managed to keep their relationship a secret up until a year ago. When they decided to marry, the L.A.P.D. refused to allow them to continue working together, so they joined A.I.M. He's organized, experienced, and decisive. Raider is a natural leader. "

Additional infoEdit




  • "Y'ello?"
  • "Charlene I am sorry baby, I am so sorry. But I don't think your insurance covers acts of war."
  • "Raven's the best. I'd rather have her in my court than anyone else." - praise quote
  • "You leave too many bodies behind. I'm not going to be one of them." - refuse to join



Liked byEdit


Disliked byEdit


  • Ex-cop. Strong leader, very much in command
  • Resents incompetence
  • Well-rounded, doesn't really have any quirks. A closed personality.
  • Thinks before he speaks. Exhibits a disbelief about the creatures. Refers to them as shrimp

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