"Known worldwide as a deadly sniper, usually targets his victims from building rooftops. Governmental organizations seeking his arrest have also been his best clients." — Intercept dossier
Richard Ruttwen, nicknamed "Slay", also known as Terry is one of the wanted terrorists on Carmen Dancio's list, however instead of killing him for Carmen, he can be recruited.

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Sector F9, G1, G2, G8 or I14.

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Unlike all the other terrorists, Slay can actually be recruited (albeit on a temporary basis) into your team, using one of two methods:

  • Talk a bit, threaten him to get him out of the wheelchair. You can't really talk with him now. Shoot him in the leg. Recruit him. Bandage him. Recruit him for real.
  • Give him the Diskette with the criminals
  • Talking to Carmen with him on the team will make Carmen turn hostile!
  • In 1.13 in the INI editor there is an option that can make Slay stay forever on your team.


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  • None

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  • None

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As NPC Edit

  • "You're the hired guns I've heard of. I have a lot of respect for your line of work."
  • "In case you hadn't notice, I have a gun. Perhaps we can talk like professionals here."
  • "No. Wasn't part of my plans."
  • "I need a doctor..."
  • "Stop! Okay, you know who I am. We can make a deal. How would you like to have the use of my talents? I'm an excellent sniper. Very confortable on rooftops. Can pick off just about anything you want. I tell you what... I'll give you a week. You get the services of Richard Ruttwen, free of charge, for one week. Then, we're even, and I walk. If you know anything about my reputation, you won't pass on the chance."

​As RecruitEdit

  • "I would prefer to stay out of the water.  I nearly died on the canal in Ottawa when I was a boy, and its stayed with me."
  • "Something like that doesn't happen often enough." – Gory kill/rotten corpse spotted
  • "Something tells me caution is going to be the best weapon here." – Anticipating danger
  • "Our victims are here." - Enemies in sector
  • "Don't have a good line on it" - Difficult shot
  • "Well... if you want to end our deal prematurely, that's fine by me." – Fired

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