Reparing is servicing items and equipment to ensure it works when the mercs need it to. Viewing an item description shows its condition as a percentage. The closer to zero this is, the worse and more damaged the item is.

How to repair itemsEdit

To repair items the player needs a merc that is skilled in mechanic and a Tool Kit. The Tool Kit can be found or bought in shops (Micky / Bobby Ray's). With both of these things, select repair as the merc's assignment in the tactical screen (In Jagged Alliance the merc must have the Tool Kit in his hand. In Jagged Alliance 2 this is done in the map screen. Begin compressing time to have the merc start repairs). The merc will then begin repairing every item held by him, starting with items held in the merc's hand, then their guns and armour and later any other items in his inventory. The amount of time Reparing takes is dependant on the merc's skill, what kind of items are being repaired and how many there are. Electrical items or more complicated weapons (such as rifles) take longer.

Effects of item damageEdit

Guns: Guns suffer the worst if they are in a poor state of repair. Guns that are damaged are less accurate, jam more often and, if damaged below 40% or so, may fail to work at all and become useless until repaired.

Explosives: Carrying around damaged explosives is just as stupid an idea as it sounds like. Damaged explosives can suddenly explode in the mercs inventory, seriously injuring them, and damaged grenades may not go off when thrown.

Armour: Armour is vital to keep repaired. Damaged armour provides less protection. It doesn't become useless like guns but damaged amour is never a good idea.

Other items: Most other items aren't so much of a problem if they are damaged. Before combining items however, like Steel Tubes and Duct Tape, one should ensure every item involved is repaired or the item created may end up damaged, or the attempt to combine the might outright fail if the items are in poor condition.