The Rebels are a major faction of characters in Jagged Alliance 2.

Description Edit

The beleagured remnants of the resistance to the Queen's rule, the rebels have been pushed into the farthest corner of the country and underground by the start of the game.

Led by Miguel Cordona, it is their cause that Enrico Chivaldori is paying you to support, and Miguel serves as your contact and grounding point for the beginning of the game.

Their base of operations is an underground bunker underneath a warehouse in Omerta, which also serves as a refugee shelter. Known sympathizers also reside in the town of Drassen.

Recruitable CharactersEdit

Many of the rebels can be persuaded to join forces with you over the course of the campaign, beginning with Ira and culminating in Miguel himself joining your ranks.

All of the rebel RPCs like each other, and work exceptionally well together - they will often be heard cheering each other on during combat, and will mourn the loudest when another rebel dies. Keep them together for a team with unbeatable morale.

They are also loyal to each other above all else - if a rebel is intentionally attacked by a non-rebel mercenary, any other rebels nearby will drop out of your team and open fire on your squad.

Locations Edit

Known figures Edit


Notes Edit

  • Even though the first thing the game instructs you to do is to find Miguel, it is possible to win the game without ever contacting the rebels. Since the win condition for the game consists solely of Deidranna's death and deposition, it is possible to even kill the rebels yourself and still go on to win the game.
  • There other figures in different towns such as Dr. Vincent Beaumont and Greg "Dynamo" Duncan that are openly opposed to the Queen's rule. However, they are not especially loyal to the rebels, nor are they sympathetic to Miguel's leadership, and thus should not be counted amongst them - they could more accurately be described as "independently angry".

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