A mercenary hireable from A.I.M., first appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official descriptionEdit

"Don't mess with Meltdown. She may be smiling in her file photo, but that smile is certainly deceptive. This mercenary is legendary; an enemy once died at her feet from fear before Meltdown had even raised her weapon. As for her taste in weapons, the bigger, the better. In fact, Meltdown has a tendency for overkill in virtually every aspect of her life. Jessop is remarkably ambidextrous; she can easily fire two weapons simultaneously. " A.I.M Dossier

Additional infoEdit

  • A foul-mouthed, kickass woman who could clear a bar in no time.
  • You'd shake in fear just looking at her.
  • Loves violence and killing.
  • Generally misanthropic, and has especially little time for cowards. Admires Rothman for his ability to instill discipline, and Rothman appreciates her no-nonsense attitude.




  • "Goddamn!  They're all dead.  I'll have to deal with the disappointment."
  • Pussies! -Enemies spotted
  • Another lamb. -Enemies spotted
  • Eighty-sixed! -Enemy killed
  • Goddanm gun is out of goddanm ammo! -Clip empty
  • "I've seen your results,little boy. You can't give me what I need. You can't even keep up with me. Hire one of the wimps instead. They're more your speed." - refuse to join
  • "Oh,Stephen, tough tarts, man. You weren't bad, as far as men go. Adios, amigo." - Stephen death



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  • Meltdown has a good wisdom score, and her below mediocre statistics can easily be trained, if need be.
  • Her face is actually that of Linda Currie, as seen in the Credits.