The Military Base is located directly east of Meduna, in sector N7. It is one of the locations where the player's mercs are taken captive if you decide to surrender.

Characteristics Edit

The N7 military base has infrastructure enough to maintain a certain amount of autonomy, featuring a barracks, a small munitions plant, a prison and a small medical facility. The soldiers and elites staffing the base are numerous, and any attempt to enter into the sector should take this into account and be planned carefully.

Notable Characters Edit

Notable Loot Edit

  • Medical equipment, including a Med Kit, 1st Aid Kits, and several Regeneration Boosters, found in the medical facility
  • A bounty of LAWs, found in crates and lying on work desks in the munitions plant
  • Various types of ammunition, armor and miscellaneous equipment, found in the lockers inside the barracks.

Notes Edit

  • This sector lays directly beyond the outskirts of Meduna, and is positioned directly at the halfway point between Meduna and Balime, often one of the last cities the player takes before turning towards the capital, and serves as a primer and staging ground for the battles that will be waged around the capital.
  • The supply of LAWs here hint at the numerous tanks scattered around Arulco's most well defended city, and taking the sector also allows the player to free any mercenaries captured by Deidranna's forces, allowing them to attack the city in full force.

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