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Metal Detector is the name of several metal-detection items in the Jagged Alliance series.

In Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games, the metal detector was an old-fashioned pole-mounted metal detector that needed to be used manually, and detects metal in a relatively broad area.

In Jagged Alliance 2, the metal detector is a carried item that functions passively in a comparitively narrow area around the character.


"A light and powerful transistorized metal detector with aural signalization. For maximum efficiency, this hand-held device is best used by those familiar with explosive detection." - Jagged Alliance

"This is an extremely light and powerful transistorized metal detector with aural signalization. All the user has to do is have it on his person and an alarm sounds when metal is detected." - Jagged Alliance 2


  • Random sectors.


  • Used to identifying land mines.
  • In Jagged Alliance, several sectors contain buried items and treasures that can only be found using the metal detector.

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