During the course of Jagged Alliance 2, your mercenaries will encounter a wide variety of people around Arulco , local and otherwise, with an equally wide variety of personalities and manners of speaking.

On occasion, one NPC will stand out above the others, usually someone who is genuinely charming, helpful or friendly, or someone who is remarkably abrasive, scummy, or ill-spoken.  Your mercenaries will usually comment on these favorably and unfavorably, respectively.  

Follow the links to learn more about the respective NPCs.


Positive to some while Negative to otherEdit



  • Your mercs may not be able to agree on much, but they seem to be able to agree on this, as the positive/negative reactions are the same for every merc in the game.


Earl "Magic" WalkerEdit

  • Positive: "That was one of the few people I met down here that wasn't a snapperhead."
  • Negative:

Kyle "Shadow" SimmonsEdit

  • Positive: "That's somebody I'd like to meet under different circumstances"
  • Negative:

Dimitri GuzzoEdit

  • Positive:
  • Negative: "Stupid, stupid, stupid..."

​Helmut "Grunty" GruntherEdit

  • Positive:
  • Negative: "That lummox is not even fit to polish my brass."

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