Mary Beth Wilkens is a hirable mercenary from A.I.M. in Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games.

Nonplayable and deceased in Jagged Alliance 2.


Jagged Alliance and Deadly GamesEdit

"As a relatively new recruit, Mary Beth Wilkens desperately wants the chance to prove herself. While her stats may appear weak, Wilkens is a quick learner with some medical experience and a gung ho attitude. She also has no qualms about ratting on fellow team members." - A.I.M. Dossier

Jagged Alliance 2Edit

"It is one of the most tragic events we have ever had to report. Mary Beth died last August on the steps of her apartment at the hands of a lone gunman. After enduring months of harassment, which developed into stalking, she surprised by a crazed mercenary groupie as she walked up to her doorway with her arms full of groceries. Mary Beth's determination and positive attitude will remain an inspiration to us all." - Alumni gallery


Jagged AllianceEdit

Deadly GamesEdit

Basic Equipment

Normal Equipment

Great Equipment



  • None

Is Liked byEdit


Is Disliked byEdit

  • None

Hiring InfoEdit

Jagged AllianceEdit

  • Can be bribed for a 20% increase to her salary.
  • Will not steal from you.

Will quit or refuse to join if:

  • If you receive less than a Fair rating for five days in a row.

Deadly GamesEdit

  • Will not steal from you.
  • Will be upset if she's fired before she participated in at least three missions.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Has the Snitch trait and will keep you informed on any dissatisfaction in your team.
  • Has low chances of readying a knife during Metaviran eel attacks.


Jagged AllianceEdit

  • "...yes! I'd gladly work for someone as respected as you!" - When hiring
  • "I try to help however I can." - On killing enemy
  • "Don't tell anyone I told you this, but..." - Snitching
  • "Since Pops has been here, he hasn't left me alone. If that pervert isn't gone by morning... I will be!" - After spending a day with Pops.

Deadly GamesEdit

  • "I give twenty percent of everything I make to charity..." - On call
  • "Kinda reminds me of high school..." - When a female uses the hand icon on her
  • "What planet are you from?" - When a male uses the hand icon on her


  • Kind of Lolita-type with lesbian undertones
  • Beth's murder at the hands of a groupie likely references other celebrities who were murdered by obsessive fans, such as John Lennon, Selena, and most notably Rebecca Shaeffer, who was stalked and harassed by her killer prior to the murder.

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