Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Nonplayable and deceased in Jagged Alliance 2.


"Another member on probation, another explosives expert, Marty Moffat has stood too close to too many explosions and as a result requires a baby-sitter more than a commander. On a more positive note, he is definitely one of the least discriminating members on file." - Jagged Alliance

"In one of the most peculiar cases of litigation to ever be launched against this organization, the estate of Marty Moffat has filed a wrongful death action. Kaboom, alledgedly braindead due to injuries sustained while defusing an explosive device, had his organs harvested as per his legally signed donor card. His family contends, however, that Marty was not dead at the time and was simply experiencing a slow morning. Our legal deparment has advised us not to elaborate any further." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery



Despite his stupidity Kaboom is very fast, strong and very good with bombs. He forgets orders sometimes, but this only wastes an AP or two. He is a better shot than Skitz and isn't crazy, just stupid, so hes a better bet. Very cheap too. Kaboom wil almost always join your team no matter what happens. Only a high turnover rate will have him refuse.



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  • None


  • None

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Additional infoEdit

  • Forgetful. Will forget what he was doing at the cost of AP.
  • Has the lowest wisdom score in the entire series.
  • More than slightly unhinged in general, likely due to severe cranial trauma from multiple explosions.


Jagged AllianceEdit

  • "Daaaaaa..... Ya!" - On hire

Deadly GamesEdit

  • "Ya!" - On call
  • "I had a bomb explode *right in my face*... how many guys can say DAT?" - On call
  • "Da... What's a mime?" - On call