A miscellaneous item that can be found in Jagged Alliance 2.

Marbles that are tossed on the ground will cause anyone moving over them to trip and fall, stopping them dead and costing them an entire round's worth of AP. The marbles scatter and disappear after this happens.


"These round, shiny, colorful, and surprisingly heavy balls of glass are usually found in young boys' pockets. They are used mostly for amusement."


  • Often found in homes, most commonly in the bedside drawers of children.


  • Mercenaries with Hand-to-Hand skills often come with a handful of marbles in their pockets.
  • Marbles cannot be thrown very far - the throwing action is exactly the same as throwing any other item.
  • Useful when fighting in Kingpin's Extreme Boxing Ring in San Mona. Marbles do not count as weapons and can be tossed in front of your oncoming opponent to make them fall before they can throw their first punch.

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