A mercenary hirable from M.E.R.C. in Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business. He also appears in the M.E.R.C. roster in v1.13, sometime after Jim "Cougar" Wallace, and alongside Gaston Cavalier.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Built like a tank, Lt. Horge's specialty is destroying them. Extremely skilled with heavy weapons, Stogie spent the last two years working as an independent mercenary in the Congo. He's one of the toughest grunts in the business, and M.E.R.C. is proud that he has chosen us as his first foray into agency representation, even if it is on a temporary trial basis.

Additional InfoEdit

Please hire Stogie. We don't want to lose him." -M.E.R.C. Dossier




  • "Posers. Poor imitations of fighting men, that's what most of em are."
  • "I like it when them snobs walk around with their noses way up in the air. Gives me something to aim for."
  • "I'm standing by. Wanna change that?" - arrived at destination
  • "Losers!" - enemy killed
  • "Now we're both happy." - when fired



Liked byEdit

  • Nobody


Disliked byEdit

  • Nobody


  • A typical military hardass. Despite that, he appreciates Biff's company, since both have common ground in despising Meltdown.
  • A great tankbuster and all-around solid mercenary, if you can afford his rates. A non-A.I.M. alternative to high-end heavy-weapons mercs such as Gus Tarballs or Henning von Branitz.

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