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This is a list of items that appear in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Alliance.

IconNameTypeSlot LimitSell Value
(Standard at 100%)
JADGS&W38.38 S&W Special S & W .38Gun1
JADGColt45Colt .45Gun1
JADGBeretta9MMBeretta 92F Beretta 9mmWeapon1
JADG357Magnum.357 MagnumWeapon1
JADG44Redhawk.44 RedhawkWeapon1
JADG12gShotgunWinchester Model 1300 12g ShotgunWeapon1
JADG12gRifleWinchester Model 1300 12g RifleWeapon1
JADGM14RifleM14 M14 RifleWeapon1
JADGM16RifleM16 M-16 M16 RifleWeapon1
JADGModified45Modified Weapon1
JADGModified9MMModified Weapon1
JADGMod44RedhawkMod Weapon1
JADGMod12gRifleMod Weapon1
JADGModUziSMGMod Weapon1
JADGModifiedM14Modified M14Weapon1
JADGModifiedM16Modified M16Weapon1
Grenade LauncherWeapon1
JADGKnifeKnifeClose-range weapon
JADGCombatKnifeCombat KnifeClose-range weapon
JADG38Ammo.38 AmmoAmmo $5
JADG45Ammo.45 AmmoAmmo
JADG9MMAmmo9mm AmmoAmmo
JADG357Ammo.357 AmmoAmmo
JADG44Ammo.44 AmmoAmmo
JADG12gAmmoWinchester Model 1300 12g 12g AmmoAmmo
JADGM14AmmoM14 AmmoAmmo
JADGM16AmmoM-16 M16 AmmoAmmo
JADGMortarShellMortar ShellAmmo (Attachment)
JADGMustardGasMustard Gas GrenadeMustard GasGrenade
JADGStunGrenadeStun GrenadeGrenade
JADGTearGasTear Gas GrenadeTear GasGrenade
JADGExplosivesTNT ExplosivesItem
JADGPlasticExplosivesPlastic ExplosivesItem
JADGLiveExplosivesLive ExplosivesExplosive
JADGLivePlasticC-4 Live PlasticExplosive
JADGEagleFearballEagle Devices Eagle FearballExplosive
JADGCompound17Compound 17Item3
JADGMacheteMacheteClose-range weapon

JADGLandMineLand MineExplosive
JADGHelmetHelmetHead gear$
JADGTreatedHelmetHelmet|Treated HelmetHead gear$
JADGKevlarHelmetKevlar HelmetHead gear$
JADGTrtKevlarHelmetKevlar Helmet Trt. Kevlar HelmetHead gear$
JADGLeatherVestLeather Vest1$Only found with Nails
JADGKevlarVestKevlar Vest1$
JADGTrtKevlarVestTrt. Kevlar Vest1$
JADGSpectraShieldSpectra Shield1$
JADGTrtSpectraShieldTrt. Spectra ShieldArmor1$
Armor1$ Armored vest without pockets. Jagged Alliance only.
JADGUltraShieldVestUltra Shield VestAssault Vest1$ Armored vest with pockets. Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only.
JADG2PocketVest2 Pocket VestAssault Vest1$
JADG3PocketVest3 Pocket VestAssault Vest1$
JADG4PocketVest4 Pocket VestAssault Vest1$
JADG5PocketVest5 Pocket VestAssault Vest1$
JADGFirstAidKitFirst Aid Kit
JADGMedicalKitMedical Kit
JADGToolKitTool KitItem
JADGLocksmithKitLocksmith Kit
JADGCamouflageKitCamouflage KitItem2$
JADGSilencerSilencerAttachment$Reduces noise
JADGSniperScopeSniper ScopeAttachment$Improves aim
JADGChunkOfSteelChunk of SteelItem2$
JADGRadioRadioHead gear $
JADGExtendedEarExtended EarHead gear $
JADGSunGogglesSun GogglesHead gear$
JADGGasMaskGas MaskHead gear$
JADGMetalDetectorMetal DetectorItem1$
JADGCameraCameraItem1 (max 12 photos)$
JADGMoneyMoneyMoney$5000 -

Cloth RagItem
JADGOilCanOil CanItem3
JADGGasCanisterGas CanisterItem1
JADGGlassJarGlass JarItem3
Taped PaperItem Jagged Alliance only
Micro-PurifierMission item1 - Jagged Alliance only
JADGLetterOpenerLetter OpenerClose-range weapon1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGHedgeTrimmerHedge TrimmerClose-range weapon1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGChainSawChain SawClose-range weapon1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGJarOfOilJar of Gas
JADGJarOfOilJar of Oil
JADGJarOfGas&OilJar of Gas & Oil
JADGRagInJarRag in Jar
GasRag in Jar of Gas
OilRag in Jar of Oil
JADGGasCanWithOilGas Can with Oil
JADGRagInGasCanRag in Gas Can
JADGRagInGasCanGas Can, Oil, Rag
JADGCompactDiscCompact DiscMission item1 -
JADGAudioCassetteAudio CassetteMission item1 -
JADGVideoCassetteVideo CassetteMission item1 -
JADGMicrofilmMicrofilmMission item1 -
JADGBlueprintsBlueprintsMission item1 -
JADGBriefcaseBriefcaseMission item1 -
JADGStrongboxStrongboxMission item1 -
JADGFlaskFlaskMission item1 -
JADGCounterfeitCashCounterfeit CashMission item1 -
File:JADGSat.png Mission item1 -
JADGPaintingPaintingMission item1 -
JADGStrategicPlansStrategic PlansMission item1 -
JADGTacticalMapTactical MapMission item1 -
JADGDestroyedItemDestroyed Item?1 - The remains of a broken item. Can only be repaired by a highly skilled mechanic.

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