Appearances: Jagged Alliance . Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"Fresh meat to the mercenary game, Lance Fisher joined the organization after a short stint with the Indiana National Guard and an even shorter stint, a weekend, in Grenada. He's perfect brownnoser material eagerly awaiting his first assignment." - Jagged Alliance

"Due to persistant personality clashes with Victoria Waters, Lance was asked to resign from A.I.M. in exchange for a posting at Westpoint Military Academy. He accepted, and is currently an instructor of ethics and tactical withdrawal, a subject he recently published a book on. "Beating a path to safety without screaming." is available at most military college bookstores." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery




Is Liked byEdit


  • None

Is Disliked byEdit

Additional infoEdit

  • Snitch
  • A tremendous coward, something that Vicki cannot stand. He is, however, more courageous than Biff, as unlike Biff, he will not quit if he sees someone (anyone) die.
  • He and Biff comprise a team of "cowards-in-arms".
  • One of the few mercs who has no problem with being fired the moment he arrives on site.


"Really! You really want me? Sure, I'll go!" - When hiring

"Its all there. I know on paper there's better guys out there, but how many guys have the experience of a full scale military operation?" - On call, Deadly Games

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