Kevlar Vest

Kevlar Vest

Kevlar Vest is an armor appearing in Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.



"Third generation kevlar technology with near ballistic invulnerability, the vest offers full-wrap protection from high-velocity handguns and shrapnel, while its interweaved fibers lessen damage and reduce shock." - Jagged Alliance

"The ballistic panels on this vest are made from 28 piles of Kevlar. It wraps around your shoulders, neck and sides, and includes a stowable groin protector. The waist and chest straps are fully adjustable." - Jagged Alliance 2

Kevlar Vests are the first form of torso protection you find in Jagged Alliance, and the second in Jagged Alliance 2 and beyond. They provide reliably basic protection.


  • Found in lockers, chests, etc.
  • Found on almost all Elites.

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  • Kevlar Vest offers 20% protection when in perfect condition. Its defense drops as it wears down.
  • Kevlar Vest can be treated with Compound 17 to increase its defense by 10%, resulting in the Trt. Kevlar Vest.

"Through the miracle of Compound 17 technology, this treated Kevlar Vest now offers the possibility of added assurance and protection from projectile penetration." - Trt. Kevlar Vest description in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

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