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John Kulba and his wife Mary are American tourists from Cleveland, Ohio who ended up in Arulco by mistake, originally intending to go to Aruba. They were directed to Chitzena and its ruins by the guy at the airport. He is also one of the new RPCs in Unfinished Business.

Jagged Alliance 2 Edit


They are found around the ruins in Chitzena (sector A2).

Quest: Escort John and Mary Kulba Edit

Speaking to John will eventually inspire them to ask your mercenaries to escort them to the airport in Drassen so that they can leave the country. Bring them inside the fenced off areas of the airport to complete the quest.

As a reward, Mary gives you their vacation money and John promises to send you his two customized sidearms, once he gets home.

Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished BusinessEdit



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Liked byEdit

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Quotes Edit

As an NPCEdit

    • "Good to meet ya. John Kulba from Cleveland, Ohio. The Gateway to the Great Lakes."
    • "I'm afraid we really messed up good. Mary and I were supposed to be going to Aruba. My wife booked the tickets through one of her travel agent friends. Didn't know we were in the wrong country 'til we landed."
    • "Anyway, that guy, Pablo, at the airport didn't tell us nothing about all the tourist attractions this country has to offer, including this pile of rubble."
    • "I wouldn't trust that slippery man to park my car. Now, I'm stuck here without a safe way to get back to the airport in Drassen. I can't wait to get my feet back on to American soil."
    • "Can't believe I'm finally seeing this place. A dead town in a dead-emd country."
    • "Mary, do you have any money we can give to say thanks for all they've done?"
    • "Come to think of it, I have something you can use, but it's at home. They wouldn't let me take it on the plane. Customized myself a pair of real handy sidearms to take care of any burglars that might need to be shot."
    • "I can't wait to be bowling with my buddies again. Be none too soon to get all this behind me as far as I'm concerned."

As a recruitEdit

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