Jim "Cougar" Wallace is the last available mercenary in M.E.R.C.'s original lineup, appearing after Tim "Numb" Sutton.

Official descriptionEdit

"Jim Wallace is one of the few cadets ever to get a perfect score on every final exam at military college. Of course, it didn't hurt that his father wrote the school's military code of conduct. He's a master at conventional mercenary skills and a pro with automatic weaponry. Always by-the-book Cougar is highly professional, possibly M.E.R.C's top performer." - M.E.R.C. Dossier



Additional InfoEdit

Unlike every other one of his M.E.R.C. compatriots, Cougar suffers no hidden or crippling disabilities, and is a very capable merc, boasting high all-around stats and a high starting level to boot. You get what you pay for.


  • "Ten-four, charlie!" - acknowledge
  • "Top drawer!" - positive reaction
  • "Check THAT out." - item spotted
  • "I have ascertained an enemy presence, sir." - hostiles nearby
  • "Enemies remain alive, sir, though they have proved difficult to locate." - enemies in hiding



Liked byEdit

  • None


  • None

Disliked byEdit

  • None


  • While Cougar is extremely professional, he gets easily provoked when his personal equipment faces problems, which may have disqualified from being hired at A.I.M.