MAP 1/2

Quest - Drassen is Running Dry
Quest Pickup - Drassen (D23) (Ira Smythe)
Quest Location - Water Pump (G21)
Quest Finish Point - Drassen (D23) (Ira Smythe)

Another simple sneak and stab, tho, by now i had some grenades flown in so threw a few around, and had MD and Gunty just set up to mow them down as they ran out.
Once all opponents are killed, Quest is complete, go back and see Ira Smythe (D23) to inform her of the job well done.
at the very top of the map there is a shack which your want-to-be militia will be set up, you cannot get into this building until you get the quest "The Secret Stash" later in the game from Miguel (I8)

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