Ivan Dolvich is a hirable mercenary from A.I.M., and has appeared in every Jagged Alliance game thus far. Is an icon of the series among the Russian-speaking fanbase.

He, amongst several other Jagged Alliance 2 mercenaries, were featured in the trailers for Jagged Alliance Online.

Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Edit

Official description

"A new member and a onetime decorated Major in the Red Army, Ivan Dolvich has, like his country, switched from killing for Lenin to dying for Lincolns. However, unlike his homeland, Ivan actually appears to be good at it."

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Jagged AllianceEdit

Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesEdit

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  • All his phrases are in Russian and written in Cyrillic letters, making those not speaking the language only keep wondering what he means.
  • Those mercs that have problems with communists won't like Ivan.

Jagged Alliance 2 Edit

Official descriptionEdit

"Ivan, a former highly decorated Red Army Major, joined the organization over three years ago on a freelance assignment. Despite serious difficulties communicating in English, he took the mercenary world by storm, breaking all kill-rate records and tallying up the kind of stats that perhaps only he himself is capable of breaking. Ivan himself says it best, 'gun, all gun, like finger on hand.' In order to improve his relationship with commanders, Ivan has enrolled in an "English as a second language" course."

Additional infoEdit

  • Dialogue a blend of Russian and English.
  • Struggles for words in English, tends to fall into Russian during tense moments.
  • Very direct and unemotional.
  • Uses Russian to make private comments and take stabs at the player.





  • AK-104
  • 5.45mm mag
  • Steel Helmet
  • Kevlar Vest
  • Ru 106 Vest
  • Knife




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Jagged Alliance/Deadly GamesEdit

  • "Хорошо! Я буду работать на тeбя, проклятый капиталист!" (Fine! I will be working for you, you bloody capitalist!) - on hire
  • "Желаю тебе провести твой летний отпуск в Киеве!" (Wish you'd spend your next summer vacation in Kiev!) - on being fired
  • "Хорошо-хорошо." (Alright, alright.) - order confirmed
  • "Хорошо!" (Good!) - enemy down / successful action
  • "Чёрт!" (Damn!) - spotted by an enemy / action failed
  • "Я вижу противника, меня он не видит." (Spotted an enemy, he didn't spot me.) - enemy spotted
  • "В меня стреляют!" (I'm under fire!) - under fire
  • "Мое оружие заклинило!" (My weapon's jammed!) - weapon jammed
  • "Эта местность должна быть сейчас безопасна." (This area should be safe now.) - sector clear
  • "Это - мина-ловушка." (This is a boobytrap.) - trap detected.
  • "Хорошо. Очень хорошо!" (Good. Very good!) - remark on enemy killed, Deadly Games
  • "Я рад работать на тебя!" (I'm feeling good about working for you.) - on hire, Deadly Games
  • "Я - лучший! Когда Кеннеди был убит, Майку было девять лет. Майк - лгун!" (I'm the best! When Kennedy got killed, Mike was only nine. Mike is a liar!) - on call, Deadly Games
  • "Майка переоценили. Его досье - сплошной обман." (Mike is overrated. His dossier is a complete fraud.) - on call, Deadly Games
  • "Это напоминает мне хорошие старые времена: я ничего не делаю и получаю зарплату." (This reminds me of the good old times. I'm doing absolutely nothing, and getting paid.) - a few turns without action, Deadly Games
  • "Я горжусь работой, которую мы здесь сделали!" (I'm proud of what we've accomplished here!) - campaign won (TL Note: The text says "совершили", voice says "сделали". These words both have meaning of "doing something together", but the first one is usually used in context of non-ordinary things, while the second one is much more common and ordinary.)
  • "Он говорит серьёзно! Оно сейчас взорвётся!" (He's serious! It's about to explode!) -when Santino triggers the final trap

​Jagged Alliance 2Edit

  • "Keep head to dirt. (followed by something in russian)"
  • "NYET, the equipment is not complete."
  • "I arrive. Интересно, о чём думает командир." (I wonder what the Commander is thinking) - arrived at destination
  • "Good! All dead." - sector clear
  • "Cat! Чёрт возьми!" (Oh Gosh!) - Bloodcat spotted
  • "Ivan ask more money now." - requesting raise
  • "Shh! It is noise."
  • "Если я промолчу, я смогу оставить это себе." (If I keep it quiet, perhaps I will be able to keep it) — picking up a valuable item
  • "I'm curious about object" - item spotted
  • "No! Problem. Money. Даже не думай обмануть меня - я убью тебя, сука." (Don't even think to cheat me - I'll kill you, bitch.")
  • "И вот почему мой племянник алкоголик. (And that is why my nephew is an alcoholic)" - gory death/rotting corpse spotted
  • "Alright, you may be a fool but you have Igor in command. Igor and I are blood, I will go.
  • "Grunty had such great potential in this organization, such a pity he was killed."
  • "Grunty superior mercenary!" -praise quote