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He is a mercenary who once worked for Queen Deidranna's Army under Mike. Maintained a guilty conscience throughout his tenure there once exposed to the nature of Deidranna's rulership, and deserted once Mike was killed. Upon encountering the mercenaries, he will tell you his story and can then be recruited for $1950/day.

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  • His salary under Queen Deidranna was $2000/day.
  • Holds a strong sense of pride and morality.
  • Distrusted by Miguel and Carlos, who view him as nothing but a traitor who worked for the enemy.


He appears in the San Mona bar north of the Shady Lady brothel in sector C5, after you have conquered five towns.

Skills and stats Edit

Iggy is a solid fighter with well-rounded physical abilities, but weak non-combat skills. His cost is only medium. He is probably best used as a heavy weapons fighter.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Why can't more people be like me? Hm?"
  • "Borscht!" - spotting a bug.
  • "Inside I am warm and fuzzy." - gory kill/rotted corpse
  • "My opinion is, it is not possible." - unable to complete task 
  • "Traitors in the area!" - enemies in sector
  • "I win this one!" - enemy killed
  • "I should have shot Deidranna when I had the chance...but NO. And now look what we must go through!" -low morale
  • "Most unexpected.  I had changed allegiance for you, and this is what I get?  Most unexpected." - fired
  • "Return my ashes to Mother Russia...!" - dying

Notes Edit

In manual, he is refered as Russian, but there is no such name "Igmus" in Russian language and surname "Palkov" is not possible, according to rules of Russian surname building ("Polkov" or "Palkin" were possible). This is similar to Ivan Dolvic ("Dolvic" is also non-russian surname, probably Serbian). Only Victor Kolesnikov has valid Russian surname, but this merc was added with Wildfire modification.

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