Appears in Jagged Alliance , Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games . Nonplayable and classified as a missing person in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"In the short span of time Hurl E. Cutter has been with the organization, he has become a familiar sight to our medical staff and a great source of insider information. Though perfectly healthy, this chatty mercenary just can't seem to keep his lips shut." - Jagged Alliance

"Hurl, a profitable patients for doctors everywhere, has been missing for the last nine months. A careful search of hospital records and unidentified bodies in the Havana area, his last known whereabouts, has failed to provide any insight. Fidel Dahan has been repeatedly questioned concerning his disappearance, yet police are no further ahead in their investigation." - Jagged Alliance 2




Is Liked byEdit

  • None


  • None

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Additional infoEdit

  • Quite the hypocondriac, despite his perfect health (100).
  • A few hints do exist that he really gets on Fidel's nerves.
  • If on the same team as Fidel, you will get a notification from Jake that somebody left, and Hurl will be nowhere to be found. However, next time you communicate with A.I.M., Hurl will be noted as deceased, and you will be added +1 to your mercs deaths. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All his gear will hence be unrecoverable.
  • Was likely ultimately murdered by Fidel, and disposed of where the body could not be found.


"Hey, I'll go! Do you think I should get any special shots? What about those tropical malaria beetles?" - When hiring

"This is going to make me sick..." - Ordered to shoot merc.

"I've come across an enemy! I want to hurt him real bad." - enemy spotted, unaware

"Rats!" - enemy spotted / action failed

"Things are quiet. I don't think there's anyone else around." - sector clear

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