Appearances: Jagged Alliance , Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games . Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"Though Howard Melfield has slowed with age, he continues to serve as an effective member of A.I.M.. Despite his obvious lack of specialization, he is devoted. Displaying no loyalty to his peers, he'll relay all the team scuttlebutt with the precision of a poet." - Jagged Alliance

"Unable to excel in any given speciality, yet well-liked within the organization, Carp was offered a deck assignment with A.I.M.. Effective immidiately, Howard Melfield will be responsible for members Health and Safety, Retirement and Dental plans. He has also graciously agreed to chair the office Christmas Party Comittee." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery




Is Liked byEdit

Additional infoEdit

  • Snitch
  • Seems that the voice actor wanted to convey a little bit of Irish accent, though not successfully.
  • A bit of a load on the battlefield, as expressed by Speck.


"It'll be great to see some of the guys again!" - When hiring

"No! Its not a girdle...its a French back and kidney supporter!" - when a male uses the hand icon on him

"Aye, I have my ear to the information pipeline, lad. And with me on your team, you'll have your ear to it, too!" - on call, Deadly games

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