Helmet provides vital head protection and is by far the most common of the two helmets in the Jagged Alliance series.



"Melon protection from small firearms, shrapnel and other projectiles. Light, with a ventilation flap and ear protection, this fiberglass model has a leather chin strap, and is water and shatterproof." - Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games


  • The helmet protects the wearer's head from incoming fire and to a limited extent, shrapnel. It drasticaly lowers damage from headshots and helps prevent wisdom loss.

Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesEdit

  • In perfect conditions, it increases protection by 5%, lowering as it worns out.
  • Helmet can be treated with Compound 17 to increase its protection by 2%, becoming the Treated Helmet.

"Through the miracle of Compound 17 technology, this Treated Helmet now offers the possibility of added assurance and melon protection from projectile penetration." - Treated Helmet description in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games


  • Found often in crates.
  • Many mercs from A.I.M. come with one.

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