Greg "Dynamo" Duncan is a prisoner found in Tixa prison.

Background Edit

Imprisoned by Deidranna after he failed to show up to a rally, due to his son's illness. Deidranna's men got to him the same day, killed his son while he watched, and threw him in prison. He was not executed because of the efforts of his brother Matt. Has every reason in the world to kill Deidranna and everyone who works for her.

He has a wife, presumably in Alma.


Tixa prison (J9). Is subject of rescue quest from head miner in Alma, Matt Duncan (his brother).

Recruiting Dynamo Edit

Dynamo can be recruited by someone with at least nominal leadership after you listen to his story.

Initially, he will ask for $50 per day, but if you have enough leadership, you can refuse and he will join you for free.

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  • None

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  • None

Quotes Edit

  • "...S.O.B.!" - something goes wrong
  • "Gonna get that broad Deidranna - ain't nothin' gonna stop me but death!" - anticipating danger
  • "You don't hit me, you don't scare me!" - near miss
  • "Its rainin' bullets!" - suppressed
  • "BINGO!" - enemy killed
  • "You did good, Shank!"  - Shank performes well
  • "Make your stomach turn..." -gory kill/rotted corpse


  • Decent mechanic and mediocre soldier.
  • Somewhat poor physical stats.

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