A bartender in San Mona. Will serve you drinks, similar to the Santos Brothers.

A Kingpin loyalist, he will not hesitate to attack you if you turn hostile against the Kingpin and his men.

Like the rest of the sector he inhabits, Frank is a little skeevy.


Note - if you manage to kill Frank while he is unaware and unhostile, his dropped equipment will instead be his liquor stock:

  • 2 Wine Bottles, 8 Beers, 2 Bottles Alcohol
  • $10,000


The Whipping Post bar, Sector C5.


  • "I'm Frank. Keeper of the ale for whatever ails you."
  • "I meet all kinds. Some are more interesting than others."
  • "I won't be far if you need me."
  • "Ya, sure, right... Think it out a bit. Surrounded by booze or bullets? it really ain't worth askin'."

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