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Official descriptionEdit

"This mad, mumbling Scotsman is from the old school of explosives where your instructor would fly by in pieces and you quickly moved up the ranks. Spragg is a survivor. With many years of experience under his wire cutters, he takes pride in teaching those military college kids a thing or two about detonation devices. Don't be thrown by Red's frantic ravings; the situation is rarely as dire as he likes to believe."

Additional infoEdit

  • Easily excitable. Goes off rants. Bit of a hothead
  • Pessimist. Sees situations for their worst.
  • Heavy Scottish accent.
  • Well liked by most of the other explosive experts despite his attitude.



Jagged Alliance 2:

Unfinished Business:


2 x .45 ACP SMG mag AP


  • "This is the most digusting thing I have since my last English Pub meal!" - corpse spotted.
  • "Hold on, that thing is jerry-rigged! I could take it apart..." - trap detected.
  • "This could be our welcoming committee." - enemy spotted.
  • "Have at me you scroundrels! I haven't bought the farm yet." - When Outnumbered.
  • "Better not be faking it!" - After killing an enemy.
  • "Bad enought to have women in combat, but bringing that prudish Dane woman is a wee bit too far" - When attempting to hire with Buns in your party.



  • None

Liked byEdit


Disliked byEdit


  • he is very sexist, he has a particular distain towards Buns who exemplifies his resentment. 

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