Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games . Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"Doctor Eli Summers has been a devoted member of A.I.M. for over seven years. Though a poor shot, with no hope of improvement, he has hung in during some of the most devastating assignments, only to sign up for another with little hesitation." - Jagged Alliance

"Doctor Eli Summers has been a devoted member of A.I.M. for over seven years. Though a hopeless shot with a firearm, he is deadly with a three-iron, and is currently entertaining the possibility of joining the Senior's Tour." - Deadly Games

"Doctor Summers was by all accounts a gamer who made himself popular with employers by accepting assignments with newcomers and going about his business in a non-intrusive manner. Although A.I.M. regrets his decision to leave the organization, we are rather pleased to report that the good doctor has turned his favourite hobby inot a profession. Currently playing on the Seniors Pro Golf Tour, Eli finished a respectable fourth in the Depends Open at Pebble Beach." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery




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  • None

Additional infoEdit

  • Has the hidden "hopeless shot" skill, meaning his already poor marksmanship will improve only very slowly, if at all.
  • Has an even and traditional voice, reminiscent of public channel television or radio-presenters.


"I'll be there shortly!" - When hiring

"Short term memory is the first to go. As a licensed physician, I recommend a visit to your family doctor." - attempting to rehire after an unfair firing

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