A mercenary hirable from A.I.M., first appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official descriptionEdit

"Military trained in the treatment of trauma, Doctor Houston is unequalled in giving medical aid under the most adverse conditions. On the darkest nights or during the fiercest tropical storms, the wounded can count on Spider to provide quick, quiet, and effective emergency care." - A.I.M. Dossier

Additional infoEdit

  • Friendly, scientific and analytical.
  • Athletic, slightly tomboyish, spent her childhood hanging out with boys.
  • Finds no pleasure in killing, would rather just play doctor.
  • Most probably became a merc for the challenge of field treatment.
  • Well-liked, with many friends among the employees of A.I.M.


Skills Edit

  • Stealth
  • Night ops


  • "This is Dr. Houston, how can I help you?" - on call
  • "I'm not THAT good a shot!" - impossible shot
  • "I am such a hypocrite." - enemy killed
  • "Eureka!" - enemy killed
  • "How can anyone see that and not question what we do for a living?" - gory kill/rotted corpse
  • "No more enemies, Just casualties." - sector clear
  • "Ooh, I'm bleeding. Least I'm up on my Tetanus." when bleeding
  • "I'm not surprised. Vicky's the finest." when praising Victoria "Vicki" Waters
  • "It's so great working with Static." - when praising Static
  • "I fail to see how. As a doctor, I try to have reverence for life, as much as this line of work permits. Judging from your past, we don't share this philosophy." - refuse to join



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Disliked byEdit

  • None


  • Don't let the nickname fool you. She got it from her fear of spiders and not from a prickly personality.