Da Honko Cereals (Limited Edition) is the most worthy quest item in Jagged Alliance - Back to Action. After finding it, you should sell it in Balime to Richie "The Wizard" Parker and earn 150,000 $.


It could be found in Alma City but since the patch 1.13 it will spawn randomly.

Known locations of Da Honko Cereals (Limited Edition) (go into City view and press "x" to get correct orientation)

  • Alma City - second house from the right bottom corner upwards, woodshed with veranda.
  • Estoni City - inside the house with the flag near the Helicopter.
  • Grumm City - In the kitchen of the most southwestern house.
  • Meduna City - in the supermarket.
  • San Mona City - in the small house that seems a bar in the shouth east corner.
  • Tixa Prison - In the storage area of the kitchen.
  • Supermarket next to the Beach Bar - South of Grumm.
  • Gas Station with tank - East of Laboratory, North-East of Meduna.
  • SAM Site - East of Balime.

NotBeach BaresEdit

At first it was worth 1,000,000 $ and was always found at a fixed location (Alma City) but with patch 1.13 that changed. Please add any other locations you have found this item

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