The Combat Knife, or Knife, is a common melee weapon in the Jagged Alliance series.

Jagged Alliance Edit

"A serrated knife with a seven-inch, carbon-steel blade and a handprint-leather handle design for that confident grip." - Knife, Jagged Alliance"
—Official in-game description of the Knife
"A special issue, paramilitary, nine-inch stainless steel, serrated knife. The blade has been bead-blasted for a non-reflective finish and is set in a green, hard-plastic, camoflauged handle."
—Official in-game description of the Combat knife

Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games had two types of knife available, one simply called a "Knife" and the other a "Combat Knife", with the Combat Knife being more reliable, and dealing slightly more damage. These knives were the only option for melee combat in these games.

Equipping a knife is also the only way to prevent the sea snakes of Metavira from drowning your mercs.

Jagged Alliance 2 Edit

Combat Knife
Combat Knife

0.9 kg

Weapon Type


Jagged Aliance 2
  • Damage: 18
  • Range: 4
  • AP: 7
Jagged Aliance 2:WF
  • Damage: 40
  • Range: 1
  • AP: 7

Jagged Alliance 2 featured only one type of knife, while introducing larger melee weapons such as the machete and crowbar.

"This full-tang bowie-styled combat knife will convert you into a whirling, twirling machine of silent, subtle death."
—Official in-game description

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Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 Edit

Jagged Alliance introduced a wide range of different melee weapons, not the least of which were a broad variety of knives, in addition to the standard combat knife.

  • Box Cutters - extremely low damage and usability, but quick
  • Utility Knife - low damage, doubles as Locksmith Kit
  • Rambo Knife - high damage, slow speed, doubles as Crowbar
  • KCB Knife - doubles as Wire Cutters
  • Light Knife - lighter and faster, but less damage
  • SOG Seal 2000 - an expensive, expertly crafted knife that is lighter, faster more reliable and deals more damage than a standard combat knife.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Edit

Like in Jagged Alliance 2, Back in Action features only one type of knife, simply named Knife.

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