There are two ways to get this quest:

  1. From Chitzena by talking to Yanni Nomigotta.
  2. In San Mona sector D5, a merc must talk with the Kingpin, located in the last southern house, using friendly/direct speech options several times so that he mentions the Chalice.

Walkthrough Edit

"I have a proposition I want you to consider. There is a museum in Balime. On display is a rather precious piece of Arulcan history. The diamond-encrusted Golden Chalice of Chance. It is encased there for the benefit of the rich. Balime is a town inhabited by friends of Deidranna. Since she is a sworn enemy of yours, I thought perhaps you might be willing to get it for me. I would reward you, of course, and you would surely feel better knowing that common folk, the working people of San Mona, would be given the opportunity to share in a piece if their ancient history. I would do it myself, or rather, have my people do it, but I can't have Deirdranna believing I am in any way involved. She and I have a special, unique relationship and something like this would no doubt sour it. Whether this is something that interests you, or not, is entirely up to you. But keep in mind during your travels that i will pay twenty thousand dollars in cash for the Chalice."—Peter "Kingpin" Klauss

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Do not try to pick the locks or enter the residence by force, because you will be shot, instead go to the back of the building and talk to him through a window
  • Or win 3 fight at Darren's then Kingpin will invite you to his house

Reward Edit

  • If you bring the chalice to Kingpin, the reward is $20,000.
  • If you decide to return it to Chitzena, your loyalty with the town will increase to 100%.

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