A bounty hunter employed by Intercept, on the hunt for targets in Arulco. According to Carmen, Arulco is a prime terrorist hideout, which is what has led him to the country.


Randomly in the following sectors:



  • "Carmen Dancio, international bounty hunter."
  • "I have a little sideline for you, if you're interested.  This country is crawlin' with wanted terrorists.  Terrorists with a price on their heads.  Arulco is known as a safe haven for crazies."
  • "Oh...and one other thing, they're not wanted alive.  I'll need their heads as proof that the deed's been done.  Shouldn't be too distasteful for you.  You are a mercenary."
  • "Yeah, this place is really special."
  • You made a big mistake, you fool!

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