Brenda: "I don't mean to interfere with your plans, but my new lab is in Sector 28. I've been away from my research for far too long. If you could secure access to it as soon as possible, I would greatly appreciate it!"

As noted, Brenda wishes to return to her all-important research on the fallow trees, and requests that you retake her lab in Sector 28. The mission is straightforwards, but the enemy knows the sector is important, and taking it will be tougher than it sounds.

Capturing Sector 28Edit

The Sector(Spolier)Edit

The sector has a large building--her lab--and a smaller structure on an island to the Northwest. The main building doors are locked and "normal" mechnical-savy mercs like Jimmy will not be able to unlock the doors. The enemy may however, open the doors if they see or hear you. The smaller island has a key--front bin. There should also be a second key in that room. It will help you open the main door (centre west) and the room with crates (east).

There is a hidden treasure in the open plain--$3,000! but you need an explosive guy with a metal detector to find the money.

Once you capture the sector, the enemy will attack it constantly so as to capture Brenda and make you complete the Find and Rescue Brenda mission. If you want to complete that mission, allow sector 28 to be recaptured. If not, guard it well and, to stop further attacks, secure the surrounding sectors ASAP.


Brenda: "Between the fire and Lucas, my work has been set back significantly! Having access to my lab will allow me to return to my research first thing tomorrow!"

Jack: "I must apologize for yesterday. I had fully intended to thank and reward you for reclaiming my daughter's lab. I hope five thousand dollars meets your satisfaction."

In addition to allowing Brenda to continue her research, at the end of the day AFTER you capture the lab, Jack will reward you with $5000.

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