One of the residents of Alma who complains of local marauding Bloodcats.


  • "What? What do you want from me? Oh please, whatever you do, don't shoot. I... I will not cause you any problems."
  • "I will say this, Arulco is good country, but it has not been safe for many years. It is not just the Queen, and you never heard me say that, but the company she keeps. I can say no more of it."
  • "You have much to do, and I do not wish to stand in your way."
  • "Please, you have nothing to gain by scaring me. Everyone here lives in fear of the Bloodcats. Can't you be more kind?" -threaten option
  • "Please, I am no threat to you. None." -threaten option
  • "Not in my condition. I can't." -recruit option

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