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7.62 mm WPEdit

  • 7.62mm WP Magazine, 10 AP
"This 10-round magazine of 7.62 Warsaw Pact issued AP ammunition is noted for its ability to defeat almost all forms of body armor and cause significant damage to unwilling recipients."
  • 7.62mm WP Magazine, 30 AP
"These 30 rounds of Warsaw Pact issued 7.62mm anti-personnel AP ammo tend to maintain their shape on impact. Shape retention may increase its ability to defeat light body armor but it also reduces injury severity."
  • 7.62mm WP Magazine, 10 HP
"These 10 rounds of 7.62 Warsaw Pact jacketed hollow point ammunition won't penetrate body armor as well as its armor piercing counterpart, but it makes up for it by making larger wound cavities."
  • 7.62mm WP Magazine, 30 HP
"This magazine contains 30 rounds of 7.62 Warsaw Pact hollow point ammo. Although use of this round against light armored opponents can sway a battle in your favor, it's less effective against heavy armor."
  • 7.62 mm WP, 75 AP
"If you have RPK, this 75-round drum will help you to argue the superiority over all opponents."

7.62 mm NATOEdit

  • 7.62mm NATO Magazine, 5
"These 5 loose rounds of 7.62mm NATO armor piercing ammo have the ability to defeat body armor at long ranges, making it the ideal sniping round."
  • 7.62 mm NATO magazine, 20 AP
"This mag contains 20 rounds of NATO standard 7.62mm AP ammo. This round has gained favorable attention from armed forces worldwide due to its ability to penetrate a steel helmet at extreme ranges."
  • 7.62mm NATO Magazine, 5 HP
"What these 5 rounds of civilian .308 Winchester hunting ammunition lack in armor piercing abilities, is compensated for with their ability to cause severe injuries in unarmored opponents."
  • 7.62 mm NATO magazine, 20 HP
"This high capacity magazine holds 20 rounds of .308 Winchester ammunition, the civilian variant of the 7.62 NATO round. It is best suited for hunting unarmored targets."
  • 7.62 mm NATO, 100 AP
"This box contains 100 rounds belt of NATO standard 7.62mm AP ammo. It is enough for destruction of whole company."


"20 rounds of civilian .308 Winchester hunting ammunition lack armor piercing abilities, but compensate with severe injuries."


7.62 mm NATOEdit

7.62 mm WPEdit



Just about everywhere, starting mid-early game.

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