38 special
.38 S&W Special
Ammo Type

.38 Special

Magazine Size

6 rounds


2.6 lb

Weapon Type


Jagged Aliance 2
  • Damage: 22
  • Range: 13
  • AP: 8
Jagged Aliance 2:WF
  • Damage: 22
  • Range: 13
  • AP: 8
A revolver found in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2. Simply named ".38 Revolver" in Jagged Alliance.

Official descriptionEdit

"A compact, Smith & Wesson Special Bodyguard .38 revolver with a six-cartridge chamber, pressure-eased trigger and a hard, chrome finish. WIth only average performance, it remains suitable for short-range combat." - Jagged Alliance

"Tried and true by the boys in blue. This American pistol is the most common police service revolver in the world." - Jagged Alliance 2

Pros: Light, Small, Reliable, Easy to Repair

Cons: Short Range, Low Damage, No Burst Fire

Attachments (JA2 only)Edit


Found in both JA1 and JA2, the .38 has low range, low power, takes a lot of AP to use and is an all round horrible weapon. Exchange it with any other pistol found. Ammo is very common.


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