"A master of disguise. Boasts a perfect kill rate. Weapon of choice: a meat cleaver." - Intercept dossier

Appears as an otherwise innocuous man encountered on the street. Looks vaguely familiar.

Is in reality Kris Karver aka "The Imposter", a target on Carmen Dancio's wanted terrorists list.


Random sector, including F9 Cambria University, I14 Alma Residential, G1 Grumm Residential and L11 Balime.



Despite being touted as a "master of disguise", his Canadian accent is atrocious.  A possible irony, given Sir-Tech was a Canadian company.


  • "Hi there."
  • "Hardware store's got duty-free kitchen utensils. There's something good about this place anyway."
  • "Well, it's been real, eh?"
  • "Look, I haven't got any problem with you."
  • "I'm Canadian. We're just peacekeepers, eh?"
  • "I'm gonna chop you up in little pieces, man!"

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